Food and Drinks

a type of meat loaf  popular in Germany and Austria
with roast  potatoes  and egg sunny-side up

Bavarian and Austria special cheese dumpling with  sauerkraut.
Well known and loved in Southern Germany.

Gebackener Camembert
Baked cheese on salad with filled pear, cranberries
and potato wedges.

Anna Tower mini

Austrian cheese noodles, a spezial noodle dish with cheese, onions,
and mixed salad. Well known and loved in Southern Germany.

Zwei Spiegeleier
Two eggs sunny side us of roast  potatoes with bacon and gherkin

Kaiserschmarren mit Preißelbeeren
Cut-up and sugared pancake with cranberries

Smoked and spiced , big boy version of the Frankfurter and warm potato salad with bacon.

Meatballs are regionally know diffent names.In the north of Germany, the meatball
is called “Frikadelle”, in the east “ Bulette” and in Bavaria it is know as “Fleischpflanzerl”.

Currywurst  mit Pommes frites

Sausage with spicy curry tomato sauce with chips

Pommes frites rot/weiß
Chips with ketchup and/or mayonnaise,

roast  potatoes, potato salad or bread:

We prepare all our meals on site and set a high value on freshness and quality
We would like to ask you to be a bit patient when ordering.

Enjoy your meal!


Cold and warm beverages are available at the Forest Tavern Anna Tower.

Soft Drinks
Apple Juice with water or without water (Schorle)
Cola; Lemonade, Orange Soda or Special Mixer
Glass Sparkling Water
Coffee Cup big or small, Chocolade and Tea

German special Beer
Kapuziner Wheatbeer
Erdinger Whaetbeer (non alcoholic 0,4% vol.)
Gilde German Pils

Fruit special Wine

Cherry wine= Kirschwein
Sloes wine= Schlehenwein
Brambelberry wine= Brombeerwein
Blueberry wine= Heidelbeerwein
Gooseberry wine= Stachelbeerwein
Black currant wine=Johannisbeerwein
Elderberry wine= Holunderbeerwein